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Interview – Australia’s Fiona Muxlow Preparing for the ADCC World Grappling Championships

With the ADCC 2011 Submissions Wrestling tournament in a little over a month, Australia’s Fiona Muxlow is working hard to prepare to take on some of the toughest competition she has had to face in her Brazilian jiu-jitu career.

The winner of the Oceania ADCC trials, Muxlow will be making the trip half way across the globe to Nottingham, England Sept. 24-25 to be apart of the over 60 kg division.

We took some time to talk to Muxlow about her history in submission grappling, and her expectations going into the ADCC tournament.

How did you get started in BJJ?

I started martial arts kind of by accident at University. The tutor (like a dorm mother) on my all girls floor started a ladies only judo class and roped us all into going. It folded soon after due to lack of interest and I wasn’t game enough to ask to train in the general class, then I saw a notice for a system of “Combat Aikido” that was doing classes on campus. They also incorporated striking and BJJ into the classes. Over time the classes moved more toward all BJJ and now mostly MMA.

Did you ever think you would be going to the ADCC World Championships this year?

Honestly no. After my MMA fight back in 2009 I took over a year off training any combat to concentrate on building up my CrossFit Gym. I had only been back at training for two week when I noticed a link on a friends facebook page saying the qualifiers where on again, in about 8 weeks, and that girls where included again (In 2009 there where no South Pacific Qualifying spots for females). So i figured I would give it a go. “What was the worse that could happen?, I tap,” was the mind set.

Once I got on the mat I really wanted it and I ended up winning the qualifiers.

Is there anyone you are looking forward to facing?

The over 60 kg field is stacked. I watched Hannette Staack win in 2007, and Penny Thomas was my room mate in 2007; we where in different weight classes then. Gabi Garcia has a reputation of being an monster and Cyborg Sabntos is a Machine.  Devi Ahuja and Talita Nogueria I don’t know a lot about and we are still waiting on number 8 to be anounced. It would be great to come up against any of them.

Are you seeing more females being interested in fighting in Australia?

Yes it is growing next weekend I am teaching No Gi and Takedowns at a Girls only BJJ day camp They capped it at 30 and its sold out weeks in advance. More promoters are starting to put girls on MMA cards but we still have along way to get as popular as in the USA.

What is your experience competing internationally?

I started competing internationally back in 2002 when I travelled to Brazil to compete in the world Championships as a blue belt. I have also competed in the Philippines as well as training in Japan, the USA and Guam. In 2007 I qualified for and competed in ADCC, losing to Kelly Paul in the first round. All bar one of my MMA fights have been in New Zealand, I have only every fought once in Australia at Pro level.

Anyone you’d like to thank?

I’d like to thanks my coach Colin Crosby, I started training with him in 1996 and its changed my life. He put up with me and keeps making me better.

All my training partners and the other coaches/managers at The Arena/Kickstart Without these guys smashing me all the time i wouldn’ have got to where I am.

Coach Chris Shen from Team Takedown who cornered me during the ADCC trials.

My crew at CrossFIt North Queensland,,who put up with my bumps, bruises and grumpy moods when im cutting weight for fights and still come back.

And of course the ADCC for letting the girls play.

I also want to thank everyone who has stood on the opposite side of the mat, ring, or cage from me. Without you to “play with”, I cannot learn from my mistakes or do what I love.

Fiona Muxlow is still seeking sponsors for the ADCC World Championships in Nottingham. You can contact here via her facebook.


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