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Interview with Rosi Sexton as She Prepares for the ADCC

With the ADCC World Grappling Championships in a week, hometown fighter Rosi Sexton is shifting her Brazilian jiu-jitsu game in high gear. The last one named in the female under 60 kg division, Sexton is hoping to shock the world in Nottingham, England.

We got a chance to talk to Sexton about getting prepared to face the world’s best grapplers.


Wombat Sports: What’s it like to represent your home country at the ADCC?

Rosi Sexton: I’m excited about ADCC being held in the UK this year, and to get the opportunity to compete in such a big competition in my home country is amazing.

WS: How has training been going?

RS: Training has been going well – I’ve got a lot of great people who I’ve been working with, and my grappling is feeling the sharpest it’s ever been.

WS: Fellow ranked MMA fighter Cat Zingano is also in the tournament – are you looking forward to possibly facing her?

RS: A match with Cat would definitely be interesting if it came up! To be honest, I’m looking forward to competing against anyone in that bracket – they are all top grapplers, and I think there are a lot of exciting matches there.

WS: You are facing some of the best grapplers in the world, what would it mean to win the title?

RS: Winning the title would be amazing. I’m just going to take it one match at a time, and enjoy the experience of being there.

WS: Anyone you’d like to thank?

RS: Lots of people to thank…

My coaches – Paul Rimmer is my main coach, and he’s been amazing with the work he’s done with me. Pete Irving is a long standing friend and has also helped me immensely. All my training partners, everyone at Next Generation, as well as Adam Adshead, Anna Mayne, Antony Griffiths, Lloyd Cooper, Gaz Pilot who have helped me out with extra sessions.

My boyfriend Matt Olson for helping with my training and putting up with me. Ollie Richardson at fighterstrength who always helps out with my strength and conditioning.

My sponsors, PhD nutrition, Rival MMA gear and Scramble.

And my management, Ian Dean and Graham Boylan at Warrior Promotions who did a lot to get me this opportunity. I’m fortunate to have so many great people in my life. I can’t name them all individually here, but I appreciate every one of them!


The ADCC World Grappling will be live from Nottingham, England Sept. 24-25. You can watch the both days of matches for $25 by going to


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