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Interview with Katrina Weilbacher as she heads to the ADCC this Weekend

BJJ black belt and multi-time BJJ champion Katrina Weilbacher only had seven days to prepare when she got the call that would would be filling the final over 60 kg spot at this Saturday’s ADCC World Grappling Championships. Being one of two females representing the U.S. (the other is Cat Zinagno in the under 60 kg class), she hopes to reach a life long goal of being a world champion in the best submission grappling tournament in the world.

We got a chance to talk with Weilbacher to talk about getting into the tourny and what she is expecting coming into the ADCC World championships for the first time.


Wombat Sports: What was it like to get the call you were going to ADCC?

Katrina Weilbacher: Although it sounds cliche, it was probably one of the greatest moments of my life so far, something I will never forget. I had been waiting for weeks to hear from them, and then the moment I had somewhat given up, I received the news. I had about 20 people trying to wake me up on Saturday morning, as the ADCC announced it on Facebook before I knew. It was absolutely amazing and I am so grateful to be given this opportunity.

WS: This is the first time you will be competing in the ADCC. What are your expectations?

KW: I have very high expectations for this tournament, as it has been a dream of mine to compete in for seven years. I expect to feel very overwhelmed by the whirlwind of activities, media, and anxiety leading up to the tournament, however once I step on the mats I expect that it will be just like every other tournament I have ever entered… a venue to show off some cool moves.

WS: The over 60kg has some great and new fighters. Anyone you are looking forward to facing?

KW: I am excited to meet any and all of these amazing women. I have only competed against Gabi and Penny, so I would like to have a chance to roll with someone I haven’t faced yet.


WS: What is it like to represent the US in Nottingham?

KW: I have never felt as if I am fighting for anyone other than myself, so this patriotism is a new feeling for me and it brings with it a lot of pressure. That being said, I am honored and grateful to be chosen for this opportunity, and I hope to do it justice.


WS: Anyone you would like to thank?

KW: I would like to thank my family for always supporting me in my endeavors, my coach Ricardo “Franjinha” Miller, every single one of my Paragon teammates whom I train with and drip sweat with everyday, I wish I could name you all… Riccardo Ammendolia for being my advocate. And my sponsors Jiu-Jitsu Pro Gear and OTM.


The ADCC World Grappling will be live from Nottingham, England this Saturday and Sunday Sept. 24-25. You can watch the both days of matches for $25 by going to


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