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Official ADCC 2011 Brackets Revealed

As Saturday vastly approaches, the ADCC has released the brackets for the World Grappling tournaments.

Opening Round – Under 60

Luana Alzuguir

Cat Zingano

Luana Alzuguir (BRA) vs. Cat Zingano (USA)

Alzuguir is the reigning 2009 ADCC champion in the division and has held the Pan-Am and Brazilian National grappling championships. Zinagno is making her first appearance at the ADCC and is one of the top ranked MMA fighters at 125 pounds. It will be a tough test for Zingano.

Michele Nicolini

Lara Jayne Ng

Michele Nicolini (BRA) vs. Lara Jayne Ng (AUS)

Both Nicolini (South American) and Ng (Oceania)  qualified through regional torunaments and are their first times at the ADCC.

Rosi Sexton

Takayo Hashi

Rosi Sexton (UK) vs. Takayo Hashi (JPN)

Two top 10 MMA fighters face off in grappling. Hashi qualified through the Asian trials, and Sexton was invited by the ADCC to compete in her home country. Both are experience grapplers, with Hashi having a slight edge in experience, having placed in the ADCC in 2007. Should be an exciting match.

Sara Svensson

Kyra Gracie

Sara Svensson (NOR) vs. Kyra Garcie (BRA)

Gracie is the odds on favorite to win, having won the 2005 and 2007 ADCC tournaments. Svensson qualified through the European trials and just received her black belt last year.

Opening Round Over 60 kg

Devi Ahuja

Gabrielle Garcia

Gabrielle Garcia (BRA) vs. Devi Ahuja (NOR)

Garcia has won all the major BJJ championships expect the ADCC, which this is the first time she has been invited. Ahuja was the European trials winner, being the first BJJ black belt in Scandinavia. She was the 2005 IBJJF World Champion and has placed every year since.

Talita Nogueira

Penny Thomas

Penny Thomas (ZAF) vs. Talita Nogueira (BRA)

Thomas is one of the few returning from the ADCC 2009 tournament.  She was the runner-up in 2009, and won in 2007. Nogueira has been a quick learner, earning her blue belt in only 4 months. She has won many of the local Brazilian tournaments and won the World Championships at the Mundials this year. It should be one of the best matches in the opening round.

Ida Hansson

Katrina Weilbacher

Ida Hansson (SWE) vs. Katrina Weilbacher (USA)

Both Hansson and Weilbacher got late invites to the tournament. Hansson is a multiple time European BJJ champion, having qualified for the 2009 ADCCs. She would lose in the opening round to Strikeforce champ Cyborg Santos. Weilbacher is taking her first trip to the ADCC,  she is a 3 time World BJJ and 2 time World No Gi Champion.

Fiona Muxlow

Hannette Staack

Fiona Muxlow (AUS) vs. Hannette Staack (BRA)

Staack is the two time defending ADCC champion, and is hoping to be the first to make it a three-peat. Muxlow will be returning as she lost in the opening round of the 2007 tournament.  Muxlow won the Oceania qualifier to get into the tournament.

The ADCC World Grappling will be live from Nottingham, England this Saturday and Sunday Sept. 24-25. You can watch the both days of matches for $25 by going to


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