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Women’s ADCC Day 1 Results

The ADCC World Grappling Championships have started today in Nottingham, England as 16 of the world’s best female submission specialists have gathered to find out who is the best. Here are the quarter finals results. The semi-finals and finals are tomorrow.

Over 60 Division

Gabielle Garcia vs. Davi Ahuja – Garcia dwarfed Ahuja and was able to get top position and get the Americana from half-guard.

Winner – Gabrielle Garcia

Penny Thomas vs. Talita Nogueira – Thomas got a takedown early and work inside Nogueira’s guard. Nogueira catches a leg and tries a heel hook. Nogueira loses it and works on an Omoplata, then a triangle. Penny escapes and takes the back, subbing Nogeira with a rear naked choke.

Winner – Penny Thomas

Ida Hannson vs. Katrina Weilbacher – Hansen control the match from top and win via points.

Winner – Ida Hansson

Hannette Staack vs. Fiona Muxlow – Staack gains top control, takes the back and sinks in the rear naked choke.

Winner – Hannette Staack


Gabrielle Garcia vs. Penny Thomas

Ida Hansson vs. Hannette Staack

Under 60 division

Luanna Alzuguir vs.  Vanessa English –  English was substituted for Cat Zinango because of not making weight. -Alzuguir went in for a knee bar right off the bat and got Englsih to tap.

Winner – Luanna Alzuguir

Michelle Nicolini vs. Yasmin Wilson – Wilson was a last minute sub for Lara Ng. Nicolini was able to sub Wilson quick with a rear naked choke.

Winner – Michelle Nicolini

Rosi Sexton vs. Takayo Hashi – Both jockeyed for position standing most of the match. Hashi  would gain postion on top and would eventaully win by points.

Winner – Takayo Hashi

Kyra Gracie vs. Sara Svenson –  Gracie would get a takedown and work a choke from crucifix while on top.  Gracie would eventually secure the armbar to take the victory.

Winner – Kyra Gracie


Luanna Alzuguir vs. Michelle Nicolini

Takayo Hashi vs. Kyra Gracie


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