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ADCC Champs Crowned – Gracia Topples Staack; Gracie Wins Third Title

It was the second and final day of the ADCC World Grappling Championships with saw new champions crowned in the biennial tournament. Proverbial jiu-jitsu stand-out and two time ADCC champ Kyra Gracie returned to the the competition after a two year absense and shines, while Gabrielle Garcia gained her first ADCC title.

The match descriptions courtesy

Under 60 kg Semi-Finals

ADCC Champ Kyra Gracie

Luanna Alzuguir vs. Michelle Nicolini

They play in Luanna’s guard, Luanna ladders up and lifts up Nicolini, Michelle looks to sweep and puts on a punch triangle, looking to bring arm across or kimura. Luanna escapes Michelle’s guard and they end up in Michelle’s open guard. Michelle pulls guard and goes for the foot, then takes Luanna’s back. At this point, Michelle vs Luanna is tied 2-2. After ref decision, Michelle Nicolini wins! She advances to the finals.

Kyra Gracie vs. Takayo Hashi

Kyra jumps triangle. Kyra attacks the omoplata and sweeps. Kyra Gracie submits Takayo via guillotine choke & advances to finals, will face winner of Luanna/Michelle.

Third Place Match

Luanna Alzuguir vs. Takayo

Luanna armbars Takayo for bronze win.

Championship Match

Kyra Gracie vs. Michelle Nicolini

The match is mostly spent in Nicolini’s closed guard. Nicolini able to put on two separate deep armbars, which Kyra defense with superior technique and heart. Nicolini takes down Kyra, but Kyra able to gain top position, and transition to omaplata. Kyra wins via omaplata.

Women’s Under 60kg Champion – Kyra Gracie

Over 60 kg Semi-Finals

ADCC Champ Gabi Gracia

Gabi Garcia vs. Penny Thomas

Penny shoots, but ends up in bottom ½ guard with Gabi holding Penny in Guillotine. Penny gets out of ½ guard, but Gabi now at side control looking for her usual Americana. Gabi submits Penny via triangle.

Ida Hanson vs. Hannette Staack

– Hanette sweeps to top ½ guard, clean transition to mount, with Ida’s arm trapped, walking the arm up for an armlock or armchoke. Hanette takes Ida’s Back. Hanette dominates and wins on points.

Third Place Match

Ida Hansson vs. Penny Thomas

Hansson takes win on points/early stoppage due to Penny Thomas injury.

Championship match

Gabi Garcia vs. Hannette Staack

Hanette looks for leg, but comes up short and resorts to turtle. Gabi looking to attack on top. Hannette pulls deep half on Gabi, Gabi cross faces Hanette and looks to edge up to mount. Hannette looks for leg, but comes up short and resorts to turtle. Gabi looking to attack on top. Hanette Staack withstanding Gabi Garcia’s attempts to mount and americana her, their match continues to go the distance into overtime. After impressive defenses by Hanette, Gabi wins first title at ADCC with 2-0.

Women’s Over 60kg Champion – Gabrielle Gracia


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