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Female Fighters Represent US at FILA World Grappling Championships this Week

A busy women’s fighting weekend just got busier with the FILA World Grappling championships in Serbia starting Thursday. The competition will crown World champions four different styles of grappling. Here is the female fighters representing the U.S.

Gi and No-Gi Submission Grappling
No striking – winner either makes her opponent submits or wins by points.

  • #4 MMA Unifed ranked Lisa Ellis (50 kg)

Similar to MMA rules, Pankration does have striking and grappling both. However, scoring is more involved, and different things aren’t allowed, including straight chokes, joint locks, and throwing punches to the body.

  • Kristin Palmejar (50 kg)
  • Susie Wyatt (55 kg)
  • Katrina Maki (65 kg)
  • Laura Elder-Hill (Absolute)

Combat Grappling
MMA with a two knockdown rule. Certain techniques gain points and if it goes to decision, points are tallied to determain a winner; rather than the 10 point must system.

  • Kristin Palmejar (50 kg)
  • Susie Wyatt (55 kg)
  • Katrina Maki (65 kg)

It is expected that the FILA World Cahmpionships will be stream online starting Thursday. Check out WombatSports on twitter for updates.


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