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Kaitlin Carlucci Talks Rolling While Pregnant

Carlucci’s Student Vanessa

Training jiu-jitsu has it’s up and downs; especially with women. Purple belt and BJJ instructor Kaitlin Carlucci made this blog post in 2010 to talk about training when expecting a little one on the way.


As women in a male dominated sport we have a lot of things things working against us. Lack of other females to train with, different body make up than the men, the occasional social stigma of being a ‘female fighter’ and now another thing that seems to be happening more and more frequently, the possibility of becoming a mother.

I am not at all saying becoming a mother is something bad, it is an amazing and miraculous thing. There is a big difference though when a female teammate is expecting and a male teammate is expecting. The male teammates can of course still go to practice and train their butts off. What happens to the females though? sometimes the pregnancy is planned, sometimes it is not, either way it starts to pose a few obstacles when sparring goes from one on one to, two on one…

Read the complete post at Navita La Jiu Jitera


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