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The Quad – West Chester University Latest to Add Women’s Wrestling Team

Kim Spiegel – WCU Wrester

By: Brian Johnson –

Over the past four years, West Chester University’s wrestling team has had a copious amount of success. Two conference championships, nine All-Americans, and five national champions appear to give the program very little room to get stronger.

Well, they’re about to get some girl power.

Beginning next season, WCU will be adding a brand new women’s wrestling program to go along with its men’s team.

At the helm of this new program will be Ron Tirpack, one of the most experienced coaches in the country. He spent 12 years as the head coach at Swarthmore College, five years as an assistant at Ursinus College, all while being a coach with the Pennsylvania High School National Team, Women Only Wrestling, and the U.S. Olympic team, a career which has earned him the opportunity to be one of only 40 men with Gold Level Coaching Certification, the highest honor bestowed by USA Wrestling…

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