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Friday’s Pan-Am Results

Courtesy - John Cooper

Active Day 1 at the 2012 BJJ Pan-Am tournament as many female fighters from across the planet took home some medals. Team Alliance BJJ has taken a strong lead in the female teams competitions.

Here are the Friday results:


  • 1 – Alliance – 43
  • 2 – Team Lloyd Irvin – 22
  • 3 – Gracie Humaita – 19

WHITE BELT Female – Light-Feather

  • FIRST Sheryl Lawrence – The Avengers
  • SECOND Katie Yamashita – Alliance
  • THIRD 1 Giovanna Marie Thomas – Gracie Barra
  • THIRD 2 Tiffany Pham – Gracie Elite Team

BLUE BELT Female – Light-Feather

  • FIRST Tamara Dominick – Yamasaki Academy
  • SECOND Jillian DeCoursey – East Coast United Queens BJJ
  • THIRD 1 Catherine Tran-Zwanetz – Team Lloyd Irvin
  • THIRD 2 Shelly Ponce – Team Viper

BLUE BELT Master Female – Light-Feather

  • FIRST Adelita McGrath – Carlson Gracie Team
  • SECOND Monique Travis – Knuckleup Fitness
  • THIRD 1 Marjorie Alice DeVries – Pedro Vianna Academy
  • THIRD 2 Josephine Ann Collette – Alliance

PURPLE BELT Female – Light-Feather

  • FIRST Tammi Musumeci – Alliance
  • SECOND Rikako Yuasa – Pogona Club Gym
  • THIRD 1 Tasawan Kovitprakornkul – Ribeiro Jiu-Jitsu
  • THIRD 2 Stephanie Tsang – Carlson Gracie Team

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