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Live Results from the US Olympic Wrestling Trials (Saturday)

Wombat Wrestling will be giving live results as they happen at the U.S. Olympic Wrestling team trials. Today (Saturday) it’s the 55 kg/121 lbs & 72kg/158.75 lbs. weight classes.

How to win – Best two out of three rounds. Whoever has the best score wins the round. End of the round, the both scores are back to zero. If a wrestler is pinned or is scored on by 6 points (technical fall) the match is over.

We start with the challenger’s brackets…

55 kg/121 lbs Challenger’s tournament

(The winner of the tournament faces Helen Maroulis in a best of three matches for the right to represent the US in the Olympics.)

First Round Bracket

  • Randi Beltz def. Shauna Isbell decision 
  • Sarah Hildebrandt def. Haley Augello decision

Quarter-finals Winners Bracket

  • Kelsey Campbell def. Randi Beltz by decision
  • Michaela Hutchenson def. Amy Whitback by decision
  • Katherine Fulp-Allen def. Schuyler Brown by decision
  • Sharon Jacobson def. Sarah Hildebrandt by technical fall

Semi-finals winners bracket

  • Kelsey Campbell def. Michaela Hutchenson by decision
  • Katherine Fulp-Allen def. Sharon Jacobson by decision

Winner’s Bracket final

  • Kelsey Campbell def. Katherine Fulp-Allen by decision 


Consolation bracket round 1

  • Shauna Isbell def. Sarah Hildebrandt* by decision
  • Randi Beltz def. Haley Augello* by pin

Consolation  bracket Round 2

  • Shauna Isbell def. Schuyler Brown* by decision 
  • Randi Beltz def. Amy Whitback* by pin  

Consolation Quarterfinals

  • Shauna Isbell def. Michaela Hutchenson by decision 
  • Sharon Jacobson  def.  Randi Beltz by pin

Consolation semi-final

  • Shauna Isbell def.  Sharon Jacobson by deicsion

Consolation finals

  • Katherine Fulp-Allen def. Shauna Isbell by decision

Katherine Fulp-Allen wins 3rd place

72kg/158.75 Challenger’s tournament

(The winner of the tournament faces Ali Bernard in a best of three matches for the right to represent the US in the Olympics.)

First round winners bracket

  • Iris Smith def. Christina Zamora by technical fall
  • Julia Salata def. Brittany Roberts by decision 
  • Kristie Davis def. Kendra Lewis by decision
  • Stephany Lee def. Sydney Nelson by pin 

Semi-final winner’s bracket

  • Iris Smith def. Julia Salata* by decision
  • Stephany Lee def. Kristie Davis* by pin 

Final winner’s bracket

  • Stephany Lee def. Iris Smith by decision 


First round Consolation bracket

  • Brittany Roberts def. Christina Zamora* by technical fall 
  • Kendra Lewis def. Sydney Nelson* by decision

Quarterfinal Consolation  bracket

  • Julie Salata def. Kendra Lewis* by decision
  • Kristie Davis def. Brittany Roberts* by technical fall

Semi-final Consolation  Bracket

  •  Kristie Davis def. Julie Salata* by decision

Consolation finals

  • Iris Smith def. Kristie Davis by decision

Iris Smith takes third place

*- eliminated from the tournament 


55 kg/121 lbs US Olympic Trials Championship

Kelsey Campbell vs.  Helen Maroulis

  • Match 1 – Kelsey Campbell def.  Helen Maroulis by decision
  • Match 2 – Kelsey Campbell def.  Helen Maroulis by decision

Kelsey Campbell to represent the U.S. at 55 kg./121 lbs. at the London Olympics.


72kg/158.75 US Olympic Trials  Championship

Stephany Lee vs. Ali Bernard

  • Stephany Lee def. Ali Bernard decision
  • Match 2

Stephany Lee to represent the U.S. at 72 kg./158.75 lbs. at the London Olympics.


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