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Live Results from the Olympic Women’s Wrestling Trials (Sunday)

Wombat Wrestling will be giving live results as they happen at the U.S. Olympic Wrestling team trials. Today (Sunday) it’s the 48 kg/105.5 lbs. & 63 kg/138.75 lbs weight classes.

How to win – Best two out of three rounds. Whoever has the best score wins the round. End of the round, the both scores are back to zero. If a wrestler is pinned or is scored on by 6 points (technical fall) the match is over.

48 kg/105.5 lbs. Challenger’s tournament

(The winner of the tournament faces Clarissa Chun in a best of three matches for the right to represent the US in the Olympics.)

First Round

  • Erin Golston def. Kristi Garr by decision 
  • Nicole Woody def. Jessica Fresh by pin
  • Joey Miller def. Candace Workman by decision 
  • Emily Martin def. Emily Webster by decision

Winner’s bracket quarterfinals

  • Victoria Anthony def. Erin Golston by pin
  • Jessica Medina def. Nicole Woody by decision 
  • Alyssa Lampe def. Joey Miller by pin
  • Whitney Conder def. Emily Martin by pin

Winner’s Bracket Semi-finals

  • Victoria Anthony def. Jessica Medina by decision
  • Alyssa Lampe def. Whitney Conder by decision

Winner’s Bracket Final

  • Alyssa Lampe def. Victoria Anthony by decision

 Alyssa Lampe  heads to the Olympic Qualifying match


Consolation Bracket round 1

  • Emily Martin def. Kristi Garr* by decision 
  • Jessica Fresh def. Joey Miller* by pin
  • Candace Workman def. Nicole Woody* by decision
  • Erin Golston def. Emily Webster* by decision 

Consolation Bracket Round 2

  • Emily Martin def. Jessica Fresh* decision
  • Erin Golston def. Candace Workman* by decision 

Consolation Bracket Quarterfinals

  • Jessica Medina def. Emily Martin* by decision
  • Whitney Conder def. Erin Golston* by decision

Consolation Bracket Semi-Finals

  • Whitney Conder def. Jessica Medina by decision

Consolation bracket Finals (3rd place)

  • Victoria Anthony def.. Whitney Conder by decision

Victoria Anthony places 3rd


63 kg/138.75 lbs Challenger’s tournament

(The winner of the tournament faces Elena Pirozhkova in a best of three matches for the right to represent the US in the Olympics.) 

First Round

  • Ashley Hudson def. Melissa Apodaca by decision
  • Leigh Jaynes def. Othello Feroleto by decision
  • Trinity Plessinger def. Audrey Morehouse  by decision
  • Jennifer Page def. Tina George  by decision
  • Erin Clodgo def. Krista Revelle  by decision
  • Alli Ragan def. Christen Dierken by decision
  • Veronica Carlson def. Vanessa Oswalt by decision
  •  Adeline Gray def. Stephanie Geltmacher by pin

Winner’s Bracket Quarterfinals

  • Leigh Jaynes def. Ashley Hudson by decision 
  • Jennifer Page def. Trinity Plessinger by decision 
  •  Erin Clodgo def. Alli Ragan by decision 
  •  Adeline Gray def. Veronica Carlson by decision  

Winner’s Bracket Semi-finals

  • Jennifer Page def. Leigh Jaynes by decision 
  • Adeline Gray def. Erin Clodgo by decision 

Winner’s Bracket Finals

  • Adeline Gray def. Jennifer Page by decision

 Adeline Gray heads to the Olympic Qualifying match


Consolation Bracket Round 1

  • Othello Feroleto def. Melissa Apodaca* by decision 
  • Audrey Morehouse def. Tina George* by pin
  • Krista Revelle def. Christen Dierken* by decision
  • Vanessa Oswalt def. Stephanie Geltmacher* by decision

Consolation Bracket round 2

  • Vanessa Oswalt def. Ashley Hudson* by decision
  • Trinity Plessinger def. Krista Revelle* by decision
  • Alli Ragan def. Audrey Morehouse* by decision
  • Veronica Carlson  def. Othello Feroleto* by decision

Consolation Bracket round 3

  • Alli Ragan def. Veronica Carlson* by pin 
  • Trinity Plessinger def. Vanessa Oswalt* by decision

Consolation Quarterfinals

  • Leigh Jaynes def. Alli Ragan* by decision
  • Erin Clodgo def. Trinity Plessinger* by decision

Consolation Semi-final

  • Erin Clodgo def. Leigh Jaynes* by decision

Consultation Final (3rd place)

  • Jennifer Page def. Erin Clodgo by decision 

Jennifer Page places 3rd

*- eliminated from the tournament


Olympic Trials Finals

48 kg/105.5 lbs.

Clarissa Chun vs. Alyssa Lampe 

  • Match 1 –  Clarissa Chun def. Alyssa Lampe  by decision
  • Match 2 –  Alyssa Lampe def. Clarissa Chun by decision
  • Match 3 – Clarissa Chun def. Alyssa Lampe  by decision

Clarissa Chun represent the U.S. at 48 kg/105.5 lbs.  at the London Olympics.

63 kg/138.75 lbs 

Elena Pirozhkova vs. Adeline Gray

  • Match 1 – Elena Pirozhkova def. Adeline Gray by decision
  • Match 2 – Elena Pirozhkova def. Adeline Gray by decision

Elena Pirozhkovato represents the U.S. at 63 kg/138.75  at the London Olympics.


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