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Subfighter All Women’s Tournament This Weekend – Over 100 Already Signed-Up

If you are in the L.A./Orange County, CA area Sunday and want to compete in BJJ and submission grappling, here is your chance to get some fights under your belt.

The Submission Fighter Challenger All-Female event is set for Laguna Hills, CA for Sunday Apr. 29, and is still looking for female fighters at any level of BJJ.  With over 100 participants already signed up, they are looking for more white to purple belts to participate, with a guarantee of three matches.

Registration is only $35, and the entrants are automatically entered to win  sponsorships to the tournament of their choice.

There will also be a raffle where you can win…

  • 3-day pass to Leticia Ribeiro’s Grappling Camp
  • Sakura and Night Shade Gi’s from Storm Kimonos
  • 1 week of training with Marcelo Garcia in New York City!
  • More prizes from X-Guard Brand, BJJ Legends, I Tap Boys, and FighterGirls!

More information can be found on the Sub-Fighter MMA Facebook page.


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