Amateur wrestling and Brazilain jiu-jitsu coverage

Team USA Takes Home Hardware from Europe in Gi Grappling; Pankration

Team USA in Poland

Two world championships took place this past weekend in Europe, with Team USA taking medals at both events.

In Kracow, Poland, Sarah Schneider took second place at the FILA World Championships in the 58 kg Pankration division.  Schenider would end tying the eventual winner Synyavina of the Ukraine, but would lose via tie-break points.

In the grappling competition, Gabriela Foster (58 kg NO-gi) and  Ryan Rogge  (64 KG Gi) of the US would take third in their respective tournaments.



Due south in Greece, Team USA’s Susie Wyatt took home four medals at the World Pankration Federation Championships. She took two gold medals in the Senior’s division for Pankration and Ammy MMA; while taking bronze in the Adult divisions for Pankration and ammy MMA.




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